Kuwait Car Show 2007


There are two thing I like to do in life, one you already know, the second one is “Driving” not fast or going crazy, I just enjoy driving a nice car, and for that, I like all kind of nice cars, but it is too much of a hustle to go to car dealers to see them all. Last week they all came under one roof in Kuwait Car show 2007, and I had the chance to not only see them but photograph them too, talk about 2 birds one stone ;), some great cars were there, and the big surprise to me came from Nissan when I saw 

the Sky Line GT-R! (picture above) that was the star of the show to me, this car is a leagend of it’s own, you can find out more about in in Nissan web site, but you guys are not here for details about cars, you want to read about photography, so I give you what you want.


I don’t know a lot about photographing cars, but I know this much, you must have a wide angle, thats for sure, nothing els will make the cars look as nice and muscular as a wide angle, so I took my D80 and the Sigma 10-20 mm only, no 50 mm, no fishy stuff.


Now we’ve sorted out the lens, we need to our photos to be seen wide clear and to be recognized from the crowed, how do we do that? one word, composition, shoot at different angles that others, you can see them from were they are shooting, some shoot standard composition, some don’t even know what the hell they are doing, and I’ve seen them, so be bold and try to twist that standard style.


Practising what we said before, start big, finish small, first shoot the big picture (the whole car) then go down onto details like logos, curves and lines.

 It is also very hard to take a photo in the show with out have people coming into your frame, so instead try to make them work for you, like I did in the B&W SLR shot up there.

 You might also be wondering why am I posting my photos here and not on flickr, well you guys read all this, so this is my prize to you 🙂 enjoy the slide show: 



3 Comments on “Kuwait Car Show 2007”

  1. kuw_son says:

    I prefer to follow you and your photos rather than seeing it in flickr with some silly comments under it 😉

    well done Feras .. I like the slide show indeed !!

  2. عاشه says:

    ماشاءالله الزوايا رهيبه الي ماخذ منها الصور

    عطت فخامه وحجم للسيارات

    وصورة المرسيدس بالأبيض والأسود جدا مميزة ويمكن العدسه لها دور كبير

    ومنك نستفيد يافراس

  3. Maha says:

    i like reward things 🙂
    i should follow ur blog closely then 🙂

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