Some thing is wrong!


How many times have taken a photo that you like, and think “hmm, some thing is wrong here” a lot of things could coz that, your composition could not meet your expectations, your photo could be a bit darker or lighter than it should be but you cant see it, an element in the photo which is distracting your eye, the list goes on, but no matter

 what the reason is, that mean that your are not satisfied with your photo and for sure others wont, so if you intend to use it for a photo gallery or a photo contest, forget about it till you fix the problem. One way to fix it is ask a friend of what he thinks about the photo, normally others can spot the problem but not you (odd, I know) if he couldn’t, ask another, till you get it right.

That was a small tip for you, I hope it was useful for you, Thank you for reading. 


2 Comments on “Some thing is wrong!”

  1. kuw_son says:

    useful tip Feras .. I tried it so many times ..

    and sometimes I looked to the picture after a week ,, and discover something wrong with it .. my tip can substitute the other guy’s tip 😛

  2. feras says:

    Yes my friend, that is also true, you concentrate so much on the photo colors, you don’t see clearly any more, so you can review your photo after some time, then you’ll see things better.

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