Rain photography – Delivered

I finally had the guts to photograph in the rain, it was scary, I was afraid from water interring throw my lens elements or damage my camera, like always, but I took a bold step, and did it, yes I photographed in the rain, and following the steps I wrote before I had some nice shots, which I’ll show you some of the them, have a look:

 I photographed some of the photos very early in the morning and the rest at night, which means I had to use my tripod, and to be specific, I used my gorilla pod, it is more difficult to photograph in low light, and you’ll be also limited on ideas, for example you can’t freeze the rain drops, but it is still fun and challenging. 

Thats all for now, hope to see some of your work some time, best wishes, and thank you for reading. 

3 Comments on “Rain photography – Delivered”

  1. athoub says:

    Bravo then for having the courage to do your photography in a rainy day. I like shooting behind glass so I’d get a very cheep and nice effect on the scene I’m documenting 🙂

  2. me says:

    i have some from zell am see where it was clowdy most of the time. i HAD to shoot in the rain so that i wouldn’t leave the country without any photos!
    the challenge was amusing as you said. the best ones are the ones taken at night, since street lights give a special effect which is better than gloomy dark clowds in the morning.

    i got a twin pic of the car,btw

  3. kuw_son says:

    very good collection .. u was brave to do that under rain 😛

    well done

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