Experience Day (Part 1)


Yesterday was a day full of photography experience, for me at least, we were suppose to go out with the guys to photograph the horses (some were!) but the weather was so nice,temperature was about 20 and clouds floating in the amazing blue sky

, and as you know, it rarely happens in Kuwait, so the guys desided instead of wasting time on horses which can be photographed at any day, why not take advantige of the weather, so I suggested to go to this place (the one in the picture) it got a wonderful scene of Kuwait City, but one thing I was affraid of, was the location of the sun, in summer it sets directly behinde the city, but was not sure about winter time.

storm 2

Since we had no plane to go to this location I did not have my proper equipment, so I had to go back home and get them, normally I take my small bag, nothing much in it, my camera and 2 lenses, but for this kind of weather I had bring the cleaning kit, my filters and most of the lenses to see what I can create with them. On my way I passed throw Costa and got my self a nice hot cup of Latte (the mood has to be just right) arriving to the location, checking the sun location, and yes it was in the other direction, I felt bad at first, but then I changed the plane, no sun will stop me from taking photos, hey, I have a Latte with me,  so I started gathering new ideas and shoot all I could.


At first the clouds were kind of separated, like the picture above, sun light was on and off, but later it became so thick (picture #2), which made things more difficult, and I kinda liked it, It gave me another challenge. I learned so much yesterday, and I also learned from the fire works that we photographed at nigh on the same day, but that is another story for another day.

 Thank you for reading. 

One Comment on “Experience Day (Part 1)”

  1. kuw_son says:

    very nice shots indeed especially the second one !

    the weather is getting better day after day .. what a chance you had.

    I was grounded in work this week end !!
    what a bad luck 😦

    enjoy your time 🙂

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