Photographer 360


I have discovered a new photographer behavior, and I called it “Photographer 360” and it states:

Almost every photographer start from the same point in photography, you buy a camera and shoot all you can shot, like there is no tomorrow, after some time you see your self getting picky with shots, thats becoase you are

 sculpturing your kind of photography, for example “Macro” then the number of photos countinue to reduce, thats when you get a better eye, for whats good to shot and whats not, then when you master your camera and photography, you start seeing things diffretly, another dimontion opens for you, then you go back in the same circle and start to shoot more and more photos, just like you did in the beginning (with the difference in experience of-course), and so on.

 Thank you for reading. 


2 Comments on “Photographer 360”

  1. kuw_son says:

    thats what we are doing now .. actually for me .. i’m in the half way of the circle or maybe before .. I didn’t complete a round even !!

    w sometimes i’m thinking of re-editing some old pictures that have been edited before with less experience in using Lightroom or photoshop .. and I’m sure a lot of pictures that I see it today is perfect .. tomorrow I will change my mind and think .. No NO .. these pictures need to be retouched again and enhance it more 🙂

    good topic Feras 🙂

  2. Maha says:

    Intresting theory “Photographer 360″.. and i have one comment to add here .. i guess what diffire between one and another is timing .. some people take more / less time in each phase of the circle

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