A picture tells a 1000 word, and you tell a few.

 to name

Naming a photo is as vital as setting your camera to take that photo, it backs up your feeling to the picture, it opens a new dimension to the viewer, some times they (the viewer) have difficulty understanding your work, so the name will leave 

them just at the first step of the ladder of your photography world, from there, you can leave there hands, and let them wonder in it.

Comments under your photo, and I don’t mean peoples comments, I mean your own, were you write a few words or lines about the picture, you do that when you don’t want the viewer to wonder around your photo, you want him to go strait to your point, no were els, and you can also give your work, a bigger depth with your words, it all depends on those few words you add, so if you are going to do it, be very selective with what you say.

and you know what they say “a picture tells a 1000 words” so make sure you add a  few of your own 😉 

3 Comments on “A picture tells a 1000 word, and you tell a few.”

  1. kuw_son says:

    good subject .. I thought about it many times .. we shouldn’t let viwers to guess thing around your photo .. just stick one word to let them go t the point 😉

    well done Feras

  2. barbara says:

    I like a bit of info too. I’m always asking photographers questions, usually ‘where?’

  3. Athoob says:

    . Elements of a picture convey a message to the photographer’s inner mind after photo montage. The photographer has to wait until he receives. During that process, he should need to not to listening to any song. Thus he’ll end up name the photograph after it. ( Karetha ! ) Just like many photographers now in flickr do!

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