How good is a good photographer?


I used to ask my self that, “how good, is a good photographer?” do they make mistakes? do they get bad results from the photo shot? how many good photos out of 100? well, I have the answer now.First thing lets define good:

  •  To Be desired or approved.
  • Having the quality required for a particular rule.

Now, if you want apply that to a photo, that means (to me) it must meet all the requirement of basic photographer, i.e. the exposure is correct, the composition is right, the lighting…. and so on. When all these are met, you got your self a good photo.We have to distinguish one thing, there are good photographers and there are professionals, what a good photo seems to you might not seems to a pro the same way, and what is good to a pro might seems great to you, you get the point, so I’ll split my analysts in to two categories.


Good Photographers:

 To take a photo, first thing you must thing of a composition, then think what setting will work best, you have to guess it (now don’t give me all that crap about film camera days, OK)  it might of might not work, so you have to adjust it if the settings were wrong, but what if the composition you imagined sucked! you will either recompose or you’ll find out that it (for some reason) will not work, and that happens every single time when you go out and photograph, right? so you tell me, who in the hell can take a good photo every time he shoots? 



 I know there are professionals, who are so good, they can tell that photographing a subject in a certain way at a certain time, wont work, and they would not even bother point there camera at it and shot, but I bet you that they still fall some time in that trap over and over again, and I have seen how proud they are with some of there signuture photos, which means they don’t get signuture photos every time they shot a picture, they might get a lot of good photos (still there is a margin for error) but they are not all what they call “Great”.


Bottom line, don’t feel bad if you came back from a photo shot with only 2 or 3 good photos, instead reward your self, you just added 2 good photos to your collection. 

2 Comments on “How good is a good photographer?”

  1. engineeroo says:

    it is great to read your posts… I totally agree with you. adding to that, if you allow me is without mistakes, we will never learn and achieve the best result of our photography. also, re-visiting the same place will make you see the subject you want to shoot different every time. last, consult a friend and get his opinion of your photo this will make you see your photo from different prospective.

  2. kuw_son says:

    I admit that I had difficult time in shooting photos and getting back with considerably good ones !

    so I believe that Pro Photographers suffer it regularly .. but less than amature photographers indeed ..

    nice topic Feras

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