Rain photography


I have to say this before any thing els, I never photographed “in” the rain, but I promise, I will, one reason is that I’m afraid to wet my camera and lens (cant afford that) but I have photographed after it rains, and from indoors. I’ll splet my recomendations for you on 2 ways, fist precations and then “what to shoot tips”, so lets start:How to save your camera from the rain:

  •  The best thing is to have some one holding the umbrella for you.
  • Since the fist one is a dream the I guess you have to do it your self.
  • Since you are holding your umbrella then you can’t hold your camera, that means you need a third hand, yes really, and what it the photographer third hand? correct, a tripod.
  • Most photographers wrap there equipment with plastic bags, it is not practical but it’s better than a naked camera!

what to shoot tips:

  • Shoot throw glass, and aim for the water droplets (use manual focus)
  • Shoot reflections on water pools on  the ground.
  • People rushing to stay dry (which they wont) it is great to capture there “true” emotion.
  • Cars and lights, you’ll see a great flare comes from there head lights.

Here is a good link to read: http://www.ehow.com/how_2034782_protect-camera-bad-weather.html

Thats all for now, stay dry and have a great time in the rain. 

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