readers request

hi, I’ve been writing for some time now based on what ever I feel like writing, so I decided to go in a diffrent direction, since you (The reader) who is geting the banifit, I thought I should ask you of what subjects you would like me to write about, please feel free to ask for any photography subject, and I’ll list them and do my best to provide you with a good material to read.

Thank you.

5 Comments on “readers request”

  1. True Faith says:

    Since winter is around the corner, and rain may be in with it; could you please provide us with some tips of how to take photos in a rainy day?

    thank you 🙂

  2. barbara says:

    Next to the ‘how to shoot’ in rain, exactly what do I do to protect my camera. (Someone told me to put it in a plastic bag and HOPE it didn’t leak.) Right! I don’t think so! Help.

  3. kuw_son says:

    I would ask you about your protocols before getting out to the street to shoot some photos..

  4. Maha says:

    can u write about each photo type ( building, street portrait, macro …etc), what is right and wrong ?
    some time i like to try one of these types but am not sure if what i am doing is correct or not !
    Also, latest tools and camera that could help us in our journy ?
    I will give u more subjects .. just i need to think 😛

  5. feras says:

    Thank you all, I’ll prepare some great tips for you soon.

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