What to shoot?


So you got your self a nice camera, some great lenses, and went to a location to shot some great picture, but oops! you don’t know what to shot, even thoght you’ve been photographing for some time now, but you feel lost, relax, it happens for the following reasons:

  •  You forgot about the basics.
  • The place is so big you don’t know were to start.
  • “I’m not as good as the others” and worry about your photos not being as good as there’s.
  • Too tire, bored, don’t feel like photographing.
  • Been to the same place a lot of times.

No worry, it happens to all of us, but lucky you, you are reading this 😉 so I’ll give you some of my secrets:

  • When we go out and photograph for some time we tend to get high on the basics (and by basics I mean the rule of thirds and all that stuff) we think we are experienced now, we should not use the basic rules, it will make us look like a beginners, see that is wrong, we never leave the basics, we always use them. Yes we should have our own signature work, but it should all be based on the basics.
  • I have a way to start shooting big and large places, I start with the big picture, shoot wide focal length, then you’ll start noticing the smaller things in the frame, after that you go and shoot the things attracted your eyes, and get closer and closer to them till you reach Macro on small subjects. I know, it’s easy and smart, thank you 😉
  • Never ever worry about the others, and never think about what would they think of your work, I say that over and over again, you are the photographer and your work is for you, not for them, if you like it, it is good, if you don’t, then it’s not, if you don’t know, then ask an experienced friend that you trust.
  • If you don’t feel like photographing, then don’t do it, if you do, all you are doing is damage, you will let your self down, because you won’t shot any thing and start thinking that you are not good, maybe you took the wrong decision to start photography and all that crap, so let it go, have the day off, and photograph when ever you feel like it.
  • Kuwait is a small place, you will end up going to the same place over and over again, what I do, is a take one lens with me, say a macro, and shoot with it, the next time I go there I take a wide angle, and so on, what you are doing is ristricting your self from shooting every thing at once, and forcing your self to go there again and aging, the more you go, the more your eyes will open to new thing you have not noticed before.

 Thank you for reading 


8 Comments on “What to shoot?”

  1. fotokew says:

    great post! love the photo

  2. samar says:

    thank you for the topic. very helpful.

  3. عاشه says:

    ماشاءالله عليك يافراس

    كأنك تحس بالي نمر فيه

    أنا من الي تراودني كل هالتساؤلات كل ماأٌرر إني أطلع أصور

    وهالشي أثر فيه لدرجة إنه صارلي شهور مامسكت الكاميرا

    بس النقطه الرابعه فعلا صحيحه

    لا تصور الا إذا إنته فعلا في مود التصوير

    والله يرزقنا بهالمود المتعسر الولاده

    تسلم يافراس على هالعرض الطيب

  4. barbara says:

    Always interested in another’s thoughts on their process. Thanks.

  5. kuw_son says:

    Honestly .. Thank you for the first tip 😉
    it is a good way to begin .. wide .. then narrow ..
    I like this approach Feras 😉

    actually some times I feel disappointed if I went out for photographing and didn’t get back with a pleasant results .. so I become frustrated !
    and by thinking of what u said that my photos is just for me .. if i’m happy with it, no matter what other says about it (of course if you are good enough to judge on your work) .. i will continue shooting photos till I’m satisfied 😉

    about going out with one lens .. I find it hard to apply especially when I see a worthy scene and i feel like “why I didn’t bring that lens with me”!!
    so I’d bring all my equipments and out then in the car just in case 😉

  6. Maha says:

    Thanks alot for talking about the thing that am going throwgh right now. I always like to talk about issues that i face in my life and here is the place that comfort me regarding any photography problem 🙂
    What u said is true 100% , last time when we were shooting as a group i couldn`t do much mainly cause the place was too big and i don`t know from where i should start, having more than one lens confused me “ie: which one to use”( thanks for ur tip gowing big then small, that could solve the issue) , also that am not good enough or they r better than me 😦 and the biggest reason that am moddy and what i used to do is shooting even if i don`t feel shooting just beacuse this is an opportinity and i don`t wanna lose it. hello,, am wrong 🙂 and i will never do it again 🙂 🙂

  7. samar says:

    when you don’t know where to start, go to things you like shooting or attract you. Many people started with the fountain at the entrance, while the door attracted me more and I knew I could make a better picture from it knowing my interests and capabilities. I thought “why waste time on water when el wa7sh can do it better :p ” maybe that’s negative thinking in someway, but not when you’re in a big place with lots to shoot.

    about different lens, I told you to stick to the wide lens, and that we need another visit to shoot macro only.

    when you think others may shoot better than you, especially in a big place, just choose the thing that attracted you most, and work hard on it. It’s better to come up with one great picture than a 100 bad or normal ones.

    you weren’t in a coverage or an event to worry about missing things… you’re in a place that you can always go back to. all what i was thinking when we were there that “i can shoot for eternity here”

    and about being moody, sharrabtich coffee, ba3ad eshtabeen!? 😛

    Sorry Feras for my long comment.

  8. Maha says:

    Samar .. drinking coffee doesn`t change my mood 😛
    When we where there i start with the thing the attract me ( door handel ) and i shoot some of good picture and then i start to feel down and was`t into shooting picture and my mistake was continue shooting more and more pictures .. the good thing that i learn NOT TO next time 🙂
    thanks samar for ur reply and sorry Feras if we r chatting here .. but the subject is intresting

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