The Critique

The Critique

When ever we take photos, we would love to here some comments about them, especially good ones, but that is not always the case, the critics not always understandable, they might not even know any thing about photography or they could now a thing or two but still not enough to understand your work, here are some types I have encountered from my humble experience: 

  • The Ignorant: the one who knows nothing about photography, and would say “nice” or “not nice” about your photo, or even worse, he opens his mouth and starts talking with things you would no even understand what the hell he is saying.
  • The beginner: he know two words only “over and under” refers to the exposure, as if photography is alla bout that, and I bet you have heard those words so many times it gets to your nerves when some one say it to you again and again.
  • The photographer, Here is is a different story, he is experienced but he might or might not understand your work, he could have a different point of view, or your king of photography is not his, so he would not have the experience to judge it.

The point is, only you have the experience to judge your work, and if you asking for some ones opinion, put in mind who he is, before you ask.

    7 Comments on “The Critique”

    1. Hitman1 says:

      “If you ask for an opinion, you will get one”

    2. feras says:

      hala bo-yousef, I know what you mean, but think of it this way, ask me about “iron maiden” and I’ll tell you they suck, big time, and if I ask you about Rap, which I know what your answer will be.. and that is my point mate.

    3. Maha says:

      For me, I like to here critique for every picture I post on flickr. Cause I know what does the picture mean to me and what I want to know if it translated to people or not.
      But the problem is if some one doesn’t know what to tell and yet they want to say anything ! EITHER YOU KNOW OR YOU DON`T , and if you don’t .. do not say “ over or under” ,, don`t say “ nice”,, say nothing ..

    4. kuw_son says:

      the subject is complicated, whenever you post your photo in a public place, expect the unexpected !!

      you are right when you said that you should know who u r talking to have his opinion 🙂

      logical ranks of critiques.

    5. feras says:

      Maha, thats is another point, your are right, but watch out from hearing negative comments, it could put you down.

      kuw son, thanks mate.

    6. moayad says:

      I will take it from the other side..

      For me, I rarely criticise the “look” of the picture.. unless the photographer is asking for it. What I can’t resist is “discussing” the idea or the theory behind the picture which I think every true artist will be more than happy to talk about.

      In general, when you know what you are doing and have the confidence no one will ever let you down with a comment. It is sometimes irritating.. I know, but you should know how to deal with each kind of the ones you mentioned.

    7. feras says:

      moayad, that is the point, if you go after the theory, you’ll have better judgment and another view of the photo. and beginners can be easily put down by a negative comment, thats what I noticed on people.

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