How I see it


You Must have seen this photo on my flickr page, so what did you think of it, OK, now here is what I saw in it:

10Diffrent shades of lines in the  background:



 The Rule of third in the lines (I think they right it like this 3/4, not sure) and how it is divided from the top of the numbers: 


The stillness of the background and the forward motion of the 2 men which reflects the busy city life:  



 now back to the first picture and tell me what you think? 

8 Comments on “How I see it”

  1. samar says:

    wowwww this is fun! i like this, you should do it more often!

    what i noticed first when i looked at it is number 370 and thought why this number? is it a house? who’s house is it? then the tilted way it’s written.
    then i noticed the door and the squares all around, looks like a prison door. not a regular door you see when you go out with all those nails around it.
    then back to 370 and how the sign is centered in the photo.
    then the reflection on the left side, it irritated me a bit, covered it and saw how the picture looked without it, but knew why you didn’t crop it cos it looked plain without it.
    then the guys with their motion. and the one holding a mobile, i thought how today’s people are engaged in life and technology that they wouldn’t notice nice doors next to them.
    notice the look on his face, he’s so preoccupied.
    then the addidas (i think) bag which shows what year or era you’re shooting.
    then the other guy’s outward look, 3aks his friend.
    then noticed the lines and shades of grey starting from the right side, but didn’t continue to ten like you did, i stopped at that point remembering some resemblace with one of my photos.

    about the rule of third, doesn’t that look like more than a third?

  2. feras says:

    Samar. Thanks a lot, glad you liked it, few would understand it, you can tell by the number of people commented on it in flickr, thats why I don’t post much of these photos, even though I have tons of them, but people wont understand them, but I like how you analyze the photo, and that is what photography is really about, some times I see things you don’t see and vise versa.

    Regards the rule of third, you are right, but just try not to look at the numbers sign, it will be clear to you, another thing is the artistic way of showing that much of the people and the rest of the frame as the main element of the photo.

    P.S. these 2 men don’t now each other, they just passed by each others at that moment.

  3. kuw_son says:

    I didn’t want to comment on it .. walla i saw it .. and said what the hell Firas is doing !!

    remember one time u told me .. each pictures means alot to its owner and the photographer him self !!

    I realized that ..

    so interesting point of view Feras .. well done

    I like the analysis 🙂

  4. feras says:

    huw son, yes, that is exactly what it is, and I don’t blame you, it does depend on every ones point of view 🙂

  5. Maha says:

    Well, for me 🙂 the first thing i noticed is that people are out of foucs ,, and then i started to think WHY FERAS POSTED THIS PICTURE ?
    mmmmmmmmmmmm and to be honest with you i didn`t understand it that why ,, the way you explain it.
    What attract me is the building number ( 370 ) i like the way it written..
    i also wondered if the building has multicolour it will be good to have the picture in colour

  6. feras says:

    Maha, always think out side the box, and think different, you will be amazed of what you can accomplish. and the photo is not so dramatic in colors that in B&W, but thanks 🙂

  7. Usually Blue says:

    I’m late in commenting on your blog. I typically click into it when you have a link to it under one of your pics. If I don’t see I link, I (wrongly) assume you hadn’t updated.

    Anyway, I saw this and at first glance I felt that you were going for an artsy form of a photojournalistic shot, not your typical type. Next, I just wished it was larger so I could see what you were seeing, what the subjects saw. Like, what the sign on the door was and what was in the window.

    I noticed the lines and , like Samar, felt the reflection was a bit of a distraction. Otherwise I liked that your subjects were shown to be moving and we were seeing so much of the space they were moving into. I thought the address gave the shot some balance and made the empty space not so empty 🙂

    It was neat to see your explanation.

  8. feras says:

    UB, yes I used to do that but find it useless 🙂 thanks for the notes and glad you liked the photo.

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