Night Photography


I wanted to experimenting and practice more on night photography, I think I’m a bit out of touch and lack the experience, so I took my camera with me to London and played around with it, tried so many techniques, and I was amazed on the creativeness that you can get out of night photography, it’s a new world that we are missing, some of us did not try it, maybe because they lack the experienced or maybe they are interested in something els, but most of us don’t know the how, and too shy to say so, I’m not, any way, as I said, I was amazed, and I think I’ll be doing even more night photography when I go back home, and hopefully before Ramadan. The photo you see up there is from my favorite place in London, The BA London eye, I composed it differently this time (sure I have a dozen more) I tried to get different colors and shapes, but I kept getting different results every time I try a new set up, till I got this shot, I love it, I hope you like it too, and don’t forget to keep practicing, and never be too shy to say I don’t know how!

6 Comments on “Night Photography”

  1. kuw_son says:

    I like night photography .. so interesting and I got always great results 😉

    very nice colors here in the picture .. keep practicing 🙂

  2. عائشة says:

    صحيح كلامك

    التصوير الليلي شيق جدا.. وبالذات إنه في كل درجه او في كل تغيير بسيط في الإعدادات النتيجه تكون مختلفه تماما

    كانت لي تجربهأخيره للتصوير الليلي على ضفاف خور دبي بس باءت بالفشل

    الصور مول مب حلوه … حاولت وحاولت.. بس المود اعتفس وماقدرت أركز

    شكلي باخذ بنصيحتك
    وبحاول التجربه بس في جو ألطف من جو الصيف

    الألوان في صورتك حلوه بس بما إني من النوع الطماع .. أحب أشوف صور اكثر من تجربتك الليليه

  3. Samar says:

    it’s what i enjoyed most in my trip. the nice thing about it is that you can get many results out of one pic which is fun.

  4. Maha says:

    for me .. night photography is my clear weekness … and lack of experiance of course .. i tried it only three times and there is a big gap between them .. it need alot of work and adjustsment in the camera to get one good shot … so if you wanna go and shot at night try to do it with the group and arrange something with KSC so we can join and have safe group 🙂

  5. feras says:

    kuw son, Thanks bo dalool,

    عائشة، التجربه إهي الي توصلك للنجاح و لاتوقفين أبدا، ناطرين النتائج

    Samer, we did not see any night shots from your trip, come on, don’t hide them 🙂

    Maha, Sure thing inshala, I’ll talk with the guys, but as you know bo-Ahmad don’t want any out side KSC arrangements, so we’ll have to talk to him on Monday.

  6. Maha says:

    yah i know that,, that why i told u arrange with them cause ma abee a9er ana al7nanah 😛

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