Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years


To understand what I’m talking about see this: 


 So, as an Architecture lover, I went to see and photograph this amazing sculpture,  I was amazed by the size of it and how it was built, any way I want talk much about it because it’s all in the link above, I was let down by one thing, I could not photograph any thing, the MOMA was very busy, and people every were, I could not concentrait on composition or the technical data nor lighting, take a look at this:


see what I mean, were ever I point my camera, people are there or pops up in the photo from no were, any how I tried to get what I could, and to be honest the results are not very satisfying, but is better than nothing, so I tried to enjoy at least the sculpture but that too was not successful, because of the annoying people, so I went to see the the second and sixth floor, and that was one hell of an experience, I wish I can show you, but to get a sense of what I mean go to the link above and  see the video, being there was like nothing you have experienced before, but no photos 😦 even though I don’t like the photos I took that day, but to thank you for reading I’ll show you some of them, and I hope you like them.  serra3serra4serra5


ُThat’s all. 

4 Comments on “Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years”

  1. kuw_son says:

    First of all .. Alah ya36eek el3afya .. good job


    You should be proud because as I understood the sclupture is somthing temporary built for an event, so u had the chance to photograph it 😉

    well done

  2. Maha says:

    Even though you r not satisfied of these pictures you show us something new and intresting.. i love to see creative things and that was lovely .. though i liked more the b&w pictures 🙂
    at least you are lucky to be there

  3. feras says:

    kuw son, it is my friend, and thank you.

    Maha, Thanks a lot, I think I am.

    Hitman1, Thanks, glad you like them.

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