Endless Possibilities


A lot of people in Kuwait complain about not having a variety of “subjects” to photograph, I say they are mistaken, the possibilities are endless, for example, when we go out and photograph, we must have an open eye and mind, I travel a lot and photograph ,but the best pictures I ever photographed were in Kuwait, you know why, because I have but much more effort in them, from going out in this heat to the staring eyes (and you all know what I mean) going back to the the subject, I go out to photograph with my friends from KSC, for example, yesterday we went to ‘Sharq Garages” and it was really fun, we had tons of great photos and ideas, and the week before we when to “Al Mubarakiya” and it was also nice, the point is, don’t just sit at home and complain, go out and shot some thing (with you camera I mean)

10 Comments on “Endless Possibilities”

  1. kuw_son says:

    the most important thing is to remind the reader that shooting is by using CAMERAS 😛

    good topic Feras ,, I agree there are lot of subjects “not places” to shoot.

  2. Samar says:

    i call photography in kuwait, jihad. you’re right, but for me i like architecture, nature and flowers so i enjoy these much when travelling. even people’s portraits, here you can’t shoot anyone without their permission which is impossible to get.

    eshsalfat tal3at el garagat? :s private one?

  3. feras says:

    kuw son, hehe yes thats too.

    Samar, well even with portraits you can find them every were, see Jamal and Faisal photos, 2 of the best examples. o el garagat was a privet one, shshshshsh….

  4. عاشه says:

    ماشاءالله عليكم
    الشباب ياحظهم
    يقدرون يطلعون وفي كل حزه زفي كل مكان


    بس بعد الواحد إذا ماقدر يصور في ديرته
    ماراح يشوف شي برع

    التصوير لو انته يالس في البيت بتقدر تبدع

    موضوع شيق


  5. feras says:

    إخت عائشة، لازم تطلعين تصورين، خاصه ديرتكم وايد حلوة

  6. engineeroo says:

    you are right…. it is us who is not giong out and explore the great places in KW.

    great picture… 🙂

  7. Maha says:

    i guess it easier for boys to shot pictures inside Kuwait than girls, specially if they went alone.. i mean i tried to go alone but always someone annoys you and you end up listen to so many words from people around you..
    I agree that you need alot of efforts to shot inside Kuwait and it worth at the end when you get a good picture

  8. feras says:

    enginerroo, you are right, so hit the road mate 🙂

    Maha, I agree, thats why I don’t recommend girls go out alone or with girls, they must be combined with men (for safety) so try you best to make abo-ahmad take you guys out on photography trips 😉

  9. Maha says:

    ana lwa3t jbd abo a7md mn kethr ma a7en 3lih 🙂
    o baini o baink i aghar mnkm ya shbab sometime :))

  10. feras says:

    haha, zain etsaween 😀

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