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After all that wait, I decided not to by one, as most of you know, I’m a Mac addict, I love every thing that has that apple logo on it, and the iPhone is surly one of them, so why not get one you say? here is my story, when the iPhone was first released, I rushed to the Apple store to see it and try it (yes that is my hand in the photo) like every one els, and when you try the iPhone for the first time you will get that WOW factor, and I wanted one so badly, that I thought of buying it just to own one, note that it id sim locked, which means I can’t use it in Kuwait, so after few days they release and unlock software for it but you can only use it as a PDA, so I went again to the Apple store to try it again and see if it worth buying a PDA for 200 KD, so I tried it again, and thought “well, let me wait till they unlock the phone option too” but I wanted a devise that syncs with my Mac so badly, that is one down side with the mac, it is not compatible with all the phones, so I went for the third time to the store and tried it again, and guess what happened this time, the WOW factor was gone, I found out that the iPhone is just another mobile phone, with limited “phone” options, don’t get me wrong it is still a nice phone, but it does not worth all the wait, and God knows when will the release a version for Kuwait with Arabic support, after few days I was telling a friend of mine about my problem and asked him how does he sync his Nokia mobile with his Mac, he said that Nokia, has released a full support for the Mac! I was shocked so to make the store short, I went back home and checked there web site, and now ladies and gentlemen I’m the owner of a Nokia communicator E90.


so what does all that have to do with photography? well one of Nokia’s software for the Mac is one called “Nokia Multimedia Transfer” and it transfer your photos from your computer to your phone with a press of a button, not only that, it even shrinks the size of the photo to fit your mobile screen, nice ha 🙂

 if you are intrested, here is a great article to read: 


18 Comments on “Apple or Nokia”

  1. Samar says:

    mabrook 🙂 but why do you want to transfer photos from your pc to your mobile?
    i don’t find that as a good reason to buy a mobile.

    about picture shrinking for internet use, i use this program:

    about mac stuff and since you’re a mac addict, i bought an 80GB ipod just for picture storage for travelling, and it really gave me a hard time. it always jammed and in each photo transfer from my cam, i get to restart it, even that, wasn’t an wasy task. i’m not sure if it has a defaux or it’s always like that.

  2. goldcoaster says:

    Thanks for the honest review and that you are not US based. Most reviews I have read sound like the person hasn’t even used one!

  3. Maha says:

    First what is PDA? second `6ag 5elgi waid when i read your review on Iphone, cause i don`t have a mobile now ( am using old one ) and i was thinking to wait IPhone. Now i have a second thought and i don`t know what to buy 😦
    I forgot to say Mabrook for your new mobile Nikia..

  4. عائشة says:

    وأنا الي يالسه أنتظر واحلم بال
    بس بعد مقالتك هاي راح أعيد التفكير لأنه أريد أغير موبايلي وكنت مخليه ال
    كإختيار بعد ال

    شكرا على التوضيح في تفاصيل ممكن ماكنا نقدر نحصلها من الأشخاص التقنيين…

  5. feras says:

    Samer, first, welcome back, second, thanks, and I did not buy the mobile just to transfer photos, I use calendar, notes and contact a lot on my computer and I need to transfer them to my mobile, the pictures is just for fun, you know like photos of my family.

    regarding the iPod and photo backup, I read about it and it says that the transfer is slow, but I’m not sure about the hanging part, a better option is the Epson, why didn’t you get that?

    Maha, a PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant, an electronic device which can include some of the functionality of a computer, a cellphone, a music player and a camera, and thats what I think of the iPhone,who knows when will it be available with full arabic support, but don’t let me stop you, if you like it, wait for it, other wise I strongly recommend SonyEricsson mobiles, the P1 is a great choice.

    عائشة، والله ال إي٩٠ ممتاز و ماتحسفة علي الأي فون، توكلي على الله و إخذي واحد، وخبريني 🙂

  6. feras says:

    oh Samer, I just read that article, not convinced, I tried them both, the E90 has a much easier interface and keyboard, another thing, the E61i is a nerdy mobile, the E90 is an elegant, chic and sophisticated mobile, and thats me 😉

  7. feras says:

    goldcoaster, glad you find it useful.

  8. Samar says:

    epson is too expensive especially for a two week vacation usage! at least the ipod i can use for other stuff.

    so i’m a nerd huh?

  9. feras says:

    oops, didn’t know that you have one 😉

  10. kuw_son says:

    yaaaaaaaa … ma tewaqa3t asma3 chethee 3n el iPhone !!

    I’m sorry for you Feras 😛

    but I think using nokia again is a shame for me 😛

    i will stuck on Sony Ericsson till the end 😛

  11. feras says:

    La ya bo-dalool, don’t be too loyal to one brand, I used Ericsson, since 1996, till last month, and used a Nokia communicator in between for some time till my kids broke it, but my point it, find what you need, regardless of the brand.

  12. engineeroo says:


    after reading your post really I am shocked. I never thought Iphone will be so limited. buying PDA for 200KD, I don’t think so.

    about Nokia E90, yes it is great phone. I own one too. and this is my firt time I use Nokia communicator and I love it……

  13. Maha says:

    After reading your artical.. i had a second thought ..
    So i bought LG-PRADA and it is really new experianse with touch screen

  14. feras says:

    engineeroo, good choice 🙂

    Maha, I have heard about it, I’ll have a look at, I bet its nice, and glad my review was helpful to you.

  15. Maha says:

    next time when i saw you, i will give it to u to try it 🙂

  16. feras says:

    sure, thanks.

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