Post them or Hide them

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This is an issue, for us photographers, wether you have a flickr account or your own web site that you upload photos to, how much to upload and show the public is too much, I know some people who after a shot out, they cant wait till they get there hands on a computer to upload all there work, that is probably because they want to have some feed back from other photographers, and that comes from there joy of photography, others are too preservative, they hide all there work and never post any, maybe there are bad, maybe they think there are too good to be posted, what ever is going on in your head, at the end it comes to how many should I post, well, that is a big subject, but here is a summery depending on the experience: 

  •  just started, post as much as you can (but not all at once) to get feed back.
  • medium experience, post 1 to 2 photos daily (depending on how often you photograph)
  • experienced, you will reach a stage were you will decide what you want.

now that covers how many, next post will talk about how good. till then take care, and lets here what you think.

8 Comments on “Post them or Hide them”

  1. engineeroo says:

    I agree with you brother. and I want to add one more comment for beginners and mid. experience photographers:
    if you think that some pictures are really good, don’t post them. you can just discuss with a close expert friends that really care and give you a true advice privet. you don’t have to sure it for the public. you never know, next think they will filch your idea… !!

  2. kuw_son says:

    for me .. at the beginning of flickr using .. i was posting as much as I can ..
    then after getting my hand used to the camera I bought .. I reduced the amount of uploaded picture per day to get enough feedback from other photographers ..

    now i’m choosing whether this picture should be kept for a gallery show or just keep it for its value ..

    I have a point of view .. I discovered that in a public event .. where all photographers will be found in one spot .. after finishing that event .. I would upload as much as I can from my event collection to be the first one who put the picture of this or this .. coz all the photos will have the same subject for sure ,, so i will take the lead when posting them first 😉

  3. feras says:

    Vi, Thanks.

    Engineeroo, for that matter, I’l answer you later on my next topic 🙂

    kuw son, Thats a tricky thing 😉

  4. Maha says:

    I still remember the feeling of posting all pictures at once and see it in the website and the happiness that i feel when i see comments on my pictures.
    Till now i do feel that and i like the one with criticism cause that what make me see my mistakes.
    how much to post ? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    This is the question that i have in my mind and till now i like to post more pictures, yet am not doing so am trying to post one every two or three days.

  5. feras says:

    Maha, but the question os why? why do you post 1 photo every 3 to 4 days? don’t you have enough photos? you have keep your self motivated Maha, if you finish your photos, you’ll be tempted to go out and shot more.

  6. Maha says:

    Well i have many pictures, but i noticed that when i post a picture and give it a time i got more comments. some of these comments are direct me to my mistakes and that the one that i like.
    Sometime i like to keep pictures for days that i don`t go out alot.

  7. feras says:

    yes I noticed that with me too, the more you leave a photo the more comments you get.

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