Just do it

do it

I used to think that a great photographer is the one who knows how to use a camera functions very well, and knows all about the lenses and there usage, that appeared to me is not right, if you are determined about photography like a lot of us, you will reach that stage were you know all these things, but what then? can your knowledge make the master peace you are seeking, will your knowledge of the Aperture and Shutter speed shots something unique, surly not, all photographers know the same standard photography principles, but what makes a person a great photographers is his hunger for new adventures, reaching to that hard to get to spot, that not any man/woman can reach with out pain, how many of us went to photograph to a near by park or market, now how many of us went to Morroco for photography? see what I mean, yes we whish and whish to go here and there to photograph but do we actully do it, even if we did go, will we be determend to wake up with sunrise, will we have the guts to try new things, like climbing a mountin for 2 hours just to get a picture, that is what make a photographer a great one, not his knowledge. don’t get me wrong, you need to know the technical part, and lots of it too, but how many photographers out there, that only talks about it instead of doing it. 

12 Comments on “Just do it”

  1. Athoob says:

    A Great photograph doesn’t come to you. You go for it!

    Just like any other goal in our lives.

  2. kuw_son says:

    you have a point ..

    actually some of photographers know how to use the camera very well, but when u see his/her photos u might be shocked of his bad photos !!

    great to have an adventure just for photography ,, i wish 🙂

  3. samar says:

    I do that… but my photos go unappreciated.

    lovely photo btw

  4. feras says:

    Athoob, Indeed, Thanks sis for sharing 🙂

    kuw son, Yala shid 7alik, o ana wiyak 😉

    Samar. unappreciated! by whom? if by some one els other than you, then it does not count, you have to like it, it is not necessary for others to others understand your photography.

  5. Maha says:

    What you wrote inspire me and motivate me specially in this time of my life 🙂 .. in the same time your words make me take some moments to think about the deep ideas behind your words and to agree with you at the end and raise the question to my self .. will I do it or not ?!?!

  6. feras says:

    Maha, I’m glad it does sis, and you are learning very fast and getting better and better by the day. so, think about it, and let us know, will you do it?

  7. engineeroo says:

    you are right…. unfortunately most of us does talk about it only and I admit I am one of them. I have a plan in my mind to go to Dubai for two night and Bahrain for two night just for photography. also I have a preliminary plan for these two days and some places I searched through the net that I like to shoot. also I have a trip to Egypt on May and I this it is a great chance to shoot some pictures there too.

    here in Kuwait, I am glad that KSC is arranging all these trips even if I don’t join the group, at lease I have in mind where to shoot… 🙂

  8. feras says:

    engineeroo, well brother, as we discussed today, you have ti know the legality of photographing in every country, and in our region, man it is stupid, except for Dubai, second, planing have to come with time, you must set a date, so that you have a clear picture of what you will do, other wise it will stay in the “planes” region.

  9. Usually Blue says:

    Sounds like that National Geographic video got to you 😉 Remember the guy in the jungle covered in flies??

    *Sigh* I used to get out there and just take the shot and travel to get it but I didn’t have the camera or skills I have now. Well, I don’t know if I ever had the commitment to get up at sunrise, though I always timed things for sunset. You really have to travel without your family to make it work and I can’t do that anymore with small children. I dream of it and drool just thinking about it. Heck, I’m jealous of all the trips (in and out of Kuwait) the guys take.

    Too, I don’t think I’m the only one that feels restricted in Kuwait. If people are around, I’m afraid to bend over or crouch down or whatever. Someone’s always ready to say “3abe” and I’m always conscious of this. If you look at my stream, you’ll see I do break these rules from time to time but just slightly 😉

  10. feras says:

    UB, I know what you mean sis, and I really don’t have an answer to your situation, but there is one master rule I have, which is “Family First” when ever some things pops up, I see what effect will it have on my wife and kids, then I act accordingly, so if taking care of your kids is a priority to you (which I think it is) then be it, there will always be time for photography, but time with our family is not recoverable.

  11. Usually Blue says:

    “Family First” is a slogan for me for sure. I have blinkies with the phrase on it for use in my signature on a mommy board.

    For now, I squeeze in what I can do while having my babies with me. I’d only left them once for a funeral before coming to my first KSC meeting. These days will go by so quickly and don’t want to miss any more than I have to. Still, I think we all need a break and need to put our photography plans into action as we can. I admire those of you that are out there during these miserably hot days and I do often wish I was with the group but since photography isn’t just a phase for me, I know I’ll get my turn again.

  12. feras says:

    inshala sis, will be waiting for your come back 🙂

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