Passion for photography


A sensetive issue was raised by a fellow photographer, which was, does a photo reflect the personality of it’s photographer? I have some thing to say before I answer this, ask any one who is into photography (note, I did not say photographer) , what is photography to you?  “it is my passion” 99% of them will give you that answer, the defanition of passion is “Strong and barely controllable emotion” hmm isn’t that personality, it sure sound like it, but lets see it from another perspective, most of us use flickr, when you look in your contact, won’t you know that this photo belongs to that photographer, with out even reading his/here name, that is because it has there personality in it.


For me photography is not a passion, it is my eyes, this is how I see the world around me, freezing emotions with people, making that day live for ever with me throw my pictures, that is my dear friends what  photography is about (to me at least), so next time “passion” people have some thing els to say please.


Thank you Samar for raising this topic. 


6 Comments on “Passion for photography”

  1. kuw_son says:

    I agree that my vision to the world around me is through my photographic sense !!
    an example .. when I see a kid running .. I imagine “even if my camera is not in my hand” how may I freeze his run !? or should I wait to capture him while jumping !!! see what I mean !!

    walla i’m analyzing ezch move by a sense of photography !!

    when I look at a view .. I say .. woooow .. what a moment to capture !!

    nothing else but photography !! hoorrraaaaiiiiiyyy !!

  2. Samar says:

    where’s my comment? :s

  3. Samar says:

    I don’t know what happened, here it is again:

    Thank you Feras for posting the topic 🙂

    You can tell or get to know a person from their collection of photos. You can tell things like:
    Portraits > peoples facial expressions > sensitive person (photographer)
    jourlalistic > emotional
    Macro > patient, precise, neat, curious (wanting to get details)
    Nature > relaxed, cool, passionate
    Flowers > romantic
    Studio > boring :p

    that’s my quick analysis, I may be wrong in some points, I just hope you get what I mean.

  4. feras says:

    Kuw son, I hate to tell you, that we both are photography freaks, but don’t tell any one 😉

    Samar, I totally agree with you, but that also could depend on your mood too, right?

  5. Maha says:

    First, i don`t agree with you how you lead passion to personalty… passion is A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. passion describe feeling at that moment when you frap the camera and start to search for your photo…
    and yes, i can tell if this picture is to Feras or other cause sometime people have their own style which is reflected in their work.

  6. feras says:

    Maha, I don’t exclude passion from the photography, I say it is a lot more than that, and that it is a common “phrase” with photographers, thats all 🙂

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