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Today at KSC, a subject was discussed, and I wanted to share it with every one and see what you think about it. What do you think about people and photography these days, I don’t know if Hype was the right word to describe it, but I see a big number of people getting into photography, yes they like taking photographs, but they are not so dedicated to it, they go and buy the most expensive cameras and lens’s, thinking it will make them “Pro’s” I don’t even think they look like one, one thing for sure, it will make them hate photography, beacuse they will not know how to use that high end camera and it’s features which in ture will give them bad photos and that is enogh frustration to make them quit photography, the problem is that a lot is like that, but the question is why? why do they go through all that? here is what I think,  some are going for the looks, it is just like owning a luxury car and driving it around, others do it to impress girls (don’t ask me why?) and some want to learn photography but they are miss lead. Now lets here your opinion. 

13 Comments on “Photography Hype”

  1. Athoob says:

    I 100% agree with you Feras. I have no doubt that many people now buying those expensive posh photographic equipment to take a place in photography community web-sites, such as Flickr. On the other hand, I believe that photography is just like any other hobby for some people. So, there is nothing wrong in buying those expensive stuff if they like photography. At the end, no one can reach the peek except the true artists.

  2. feras says:

    athoob, yes you are right, and you can notice now the number of people in flickr too, since it is summer and almost every one is traveling, they totally forget about photography, that shows they are just wasting time, but the true photographers (hobbyist included) never stay disconnected.

  3. kuw_son says:

    I agree with that totally as we discussed it yesterday in the club.
    I think the big reason behind this is the fame of flickr and some photography forums and websites .. and this is like a hype as u said ..

    before people tend to contribute in forums more than anything else .. now we have blogs .. and almost every one now knows about it and they may own one or two .. !! it is a hype .. the real writer needs a blog as a new utility to enhance his publishing abilities .. the same with the photographer .. he needs a camera for taking his photos .. and he/she might switch to new hight specs camera to maintain his hobby and enhance it ..

    but those now a days we saw them just like a bubble .. a HYPE !! taking 100+ photos then through the camera away and practice another hobby !!

  4. feras says:

    kuw son, thats a great point too, but I wish they will tell us when they get sick of there high end camera so that we buy them, cheap 😉

  5. True Faith says:

    If you’re talking about Kuwait; Kuwait is all about Hypes, as soon as a new Hype is out as soon as they leave the one they are into now!

    So just give it a little time!

  6. feras says:

    True Faith, Thanks for righting, you know kuwaitis don’t invent these “hypes” they bring them from abroad, Like for example the latest hype in Kuwait now is those rubber colored sandals with holes in them, you probably noticed them there excuse now is that they are comfortable (which there are not) any way, my point is even in New York people are wearing in big numbers. so I guess photography is no different than that 🙂

  7. samar says:

    i had alot to say bas ma7ad 3atani forsa
    now i need the mood to write it down :p

  8. feras says:

    haha take your time 🙂

  9. engineeroo says:

    there is a say ” what comes fast, goes fast”…. if someone of us is serous about photography, then he will take it step by step. I saw some flickr members shooting anything they pass by and I really I don’t cal that photography… as Feras mentioned in previews post, planning and visualizing is a keen for a great picture or great result.

    about me, it is true that my work is taking almost 9 hours of my time, and my family taking another 3 hours, but I am trying to manage my time and have some days, weekends for my photography hobby. and I hope I will manage to do my best and learn form what I read and hear for my friends.. 🙂

    a solution for these people, is to send an email to each one of them and advice then not to waste more money or to join one of the photography groups and learn it the right way..

  10. Usually Blue says:

    Well, Feras, it’s kinda hard NOT to look when you see one of those giant white Canon lenses, lol.

    For so many of the younger generations, Kuwait is all about showing off. How many times have you seen a guy with the top of the line vehicle, standing there in top of the line clothing & accessories, talking on the newest cell phone available yet they only have a NOOS to put in their gas tank?

    I’m happy to hear more people are into photography even if it’s likely very temporary. Hopefully, it will open up society so they’ll leave us serious folk alone when we’re out shooting. Too, maybe people will start to appreciate what it takes to make GOOD photographs. If they’re out there with thousands of dollars in equipment and can’t get better than my mother with her little disposable Kodak cameras, maybe they’ll start seeing it as the art it is and will frequent our exhibits and hire the best of us to get the job done 🙂

    Too, maybe it WILL open up a market for slightly used gear. We’ll just have to convince some of them to go with Nikon 🙂

  11. feras says:

    Engineeroo & UB, thanks for sharing guys 🙂

  12. Hitman1 says:

    I think they just went with the hype like every other hype happens in Kuwait and just when they realize that this thing is just not their thing, they quit. Too bad it happens too late after spending the big KDs on the expensive cameras

  13. feras says:

    Hitman1, there is a photography season that starts on October and ends on April which is the “hype” people time, real photographers will work all year long.

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