Bright Flash


I hate using the flash, that is it, need to say more, OK, I hate using the flash, no really the I feel it just mess-up the picture, it brings is out of it’s real life feeling, you know what I mean? you just look at it as a normal photo, every thing looks fake to you with it, even with the most expensive flashes, you still get the same results, I prefer increase the ISO instead of using the flash, I regret spending all that money on the flash I got few months ago, so it turned out it is not so bright of a flash? (for me at least)

11 Comments on “Bright Flash”

  1. kuw_son says:

    I agree on that .. but this is valid in the built in flash ..

    actually I didn’t use the extended flash, so I can’t jusdge .. but in general I prefer not using the flash at all ..

  2. feras says:

    Bo Dalol, I have the SB-800 and it should be one of the best flashes, but I think we are not practicing enough with it, don’t you think so?

  3. moayad says:

    I am also a beginner when it comes to flash photography, but I think if you used the flash right then you can get some very interesting results.. but it should be a good flash of course.

    If you point the flash directly to the subject then you most likely will get the “flash look” we all know and hate! but let bounce on a celling or a wall and you will be impressed 🙂

    The light will look natural and the background will be light as well as the foreground.

  4. moayad says:

    ok.. the picture didn’t show..

    here it is :


  5. kuw_son says:

    I don’t have a flash yet .. so I can’t judge 🙂

  6. engineeroo says:

    I am not even a beginner when it comes to flash… but I think we need the flash sometimes when we take pictures outside.
    I would love to learn and take flash courses… I will start that when I buy one… 🙂
    Bo Fay… you said you hate using Flash, does that mean your SB800 for sale?? 😉

  7. feras says:

    Moayad, yes I like that photo, I think I should practice more and then I’ll right another post and will let every one know how it went.

    kuw son, I’ll let you know later, after I practice more.

    engineeroo, no way, I’m not selling 🙂

  8. Usually Blue says:

    It was interesting to see this. I really, really dislike flash and think it’s very difficult to get a true “keeper” using one. Sure, there are times when fill flash comes in handy and there are photojournalist type shots that are definitely better to have with a flash than to miss but most of the time I don’t even bother. When the KSC had their meeting two Mondays back at Sharq and went off to shoot indoors at sunset, I went home 😉 I just knew I’d be frustrated and not get anything worth my time.

    I have the SB600 and even have a ridiculous looking diffuser that fits on top to avoid harsh shadows and use it for parties but I consider those shots to be more like snapshots than anything else.

    For those wanting to practice, do try to use your flash as fill light, even outdoors in bright light. You can aim your diffused flash right at your subject for fill. Otherwise, bouncing can be OK if you have a nearby wall or ceiling that is WHITE. Watch because sometimes the paint color can throw off your white balance. I much prefer to use the flash off-camera, set up somewhere, holding it in my hand or having someone else hold it.

  9. feras says:

    UB, thanks for the tips, and till now, I only find that flash is handy for photographing parties and other occasions when indoor 🙂

  10. samar says:

    can’t work without it since i’m still learning and use it when ever i’m stuck

  11. feras says:

    Samer, In day light I recommend you set the ISO to Auto and photograph with aperture priority and see your result instead of using the flash, and also I’ve seen your kind of photography and I think you will benefit from an expensive flash more that me since you like portraits.

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