Editing Time


In this last issue of PP (picture abouve) the had this question for there readers:  “How many time you you spend on your photo editing software?” you know, like photoshop and Lightroom. Give me your answer and I’ll give you there readers answer and mine 😉

5 Comments on “Editing Time”

  1. Samar says:

    since the only thing i can do is to crop so my answer is: none

  2. kuw_son says:

    I’m spending 15 mins on average on a picture I think ..

  3. engineeroo says:

    I do spend about 10 to 15 minutes per picture using lightroom… photoshop just to re-size the picture and cropping … I guess if I get to advance level in photoshop, I will spend more time definitely…

  4. feras says:

    Samar, you only need to practice and you’ll do great.

    kuw son, not bad, but how about average per day?

    engineeroo, good, and It also depend on how much work you want to do too.

  5. kuw_son says:

    I don’t know the exact average per day .. sometimes I spend long time if I have a great collection of photos to edit ..

    It depends on the mood also 😉

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