12 Steps to get a great photo

nikon.jpg 12 Steps to get a great photo:

  1. Think of a location 
  2. Visualize what will you be photographing.
  3. Go there and look at it.
  4. Get your camera out from the bag.
  5. Hold it firmly.
  6. Remove the Lens cap.
  7. Switch the power on.
  8. Make your settings.
  9. Look throw the other world (the view finder I mean).
  10. Rotate the focal length gently, till you get to were you want.
  11. Snap!
  12. Enjoy your effort 🙂

am I serious? yes I am, I enjoy these steps very much, they are actually the fist steps that take me to a great photo, It is the feeling, weight of the camera and the lens in my hand, I don’t know maybe it is strange, but I feel joy when I hold my camera and that joy is a vital element to get great result from out from your photography, so when ever you get bad results on a photography day, search you hurt, were you happy to photograph that day?

12 Comments on “12 Steps to get a great photo”

  1. Samar says:

    khosh blog, keep it up! my first time here, oo I didn’t get number 9 and 10.

    my steps for taking a photo:
    1. I see something beautiful
    2. I immediately think of capturing it, and show it to others
    3. I get my camera
    4. Take a 100 shots of the same thing
    5. Go home to choose the best one
    6. oo yaweeli weelah lamma wala wa7da tathbi6

    btw, you’re a D80, how come the picture is showing a D70? :p

    D80 fan

  2. feras says:

    Thanks Samar, regarding number 9 it is pressing the shutter button, 10 is having a good result. Now your number 6 is the most effective one 😉

    for the D70 photo, I did not find a D80 one, but hey, it is still Nikon 😉

  3. True Faith says:

    My little brother (8 Y/O) is into photography, he owns a coolpix 7900, he was teaching my other brother how to take pictures, and this is how it went

    “You see something you want to take a picture of, you hold the cam, you switch it on, you point it to that thing and you snap, wait, snap, wait, snap, wait. if it’s moving you follow it and snap. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get good photos; they might be good and they might not”

    7akeem hal walad 😛

  4. feras says:

    True Faith, your brother have a bright future in photography 🙂 he just need the technical part done 😉 and welcome here.

  5. kuw_son says:

    No need to mention all that loooong steps 😉

    ytou can conclude it as ..
    1- Choose a scene or a subject.
    2- Visualize the scene in your brain before shooting ,,
    3- Set the camera properly (focal length, ISO, Shutter speed)
    4- shoot !!

    add more one .. Change your position and shoot the same subject from another angle 🙂

    BTW .. I’d put a canon photo instead 😛

  6. Samar says:

    the problem lies with action pictures, you don’t have time for all those steps. do you have any steps for them too?

    good points. i only learnt the “same image but from different angels” step from the hardrock cafe trip.

    another problem is that i’m usually with people who are always in a hurry especially when travelling. there’s no time for all poses :/
    i take many quick pictures while i can have only one “good” shot.

    any tips for shooting when travelling?

  7. feras says:

    kuw son, those long steps are joy to me and the only take few seconds;) and Canon is a great brand, but you me, I’m Nikonian 😉

    Samar, for action pictures, set your camera to S mode, and let the camera control the rest fro you, that is the best thing to do. Regarding travel tips, I did a presentation in KSC the other week, inshal I’ll repeat it for you guy who did not make it that day. and you’ll get to composing more when you go out and practice, so don’t worry 😉

  8. Samar says:

    thanks 🙂

  9. kuw_son says:

    3ash el nikonian 😛

  10. Usually Blue says:

    I never thought about writing out the steps like that but I have to admit that I really do enjoy each of them. I feel like such a nerd saying that, lol. I still get excited making the first real move towards capturing a shot, which is usually #4, 6 or 7.

    Now, your point about your emotions going into your work is also a good one. Sometimes different emotions are a good thing but often feeling bad isn’t. I wonder sometimes how this would work when you HAD to take pictures, when you were being paid to, yet weren’t in the best of moods.

  11. feras says:

    UB, when you are not in the mode, even if you were paid for it, you probably should not photograph, coz the results wont satisfy you, and at the end it will make you look bad, even though the customer might like them.

  12. Usually Blue says:

    That was my thought on the matter, though I know alot of people just have to work through it. I wouldn’t want to.

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