why carry 2 cameras?


I see photographers carrying 2 cameras and I think to my self “what the hell! is he just showing off?” but after some time i figured it out, you get sick of changing lenses, for example the photo above is a close-up taken at 200-mm focal length, after that I want to shot the same building with a 10-mm lens, OK you’ll say, just change the lens, say I did that, what then? should keep changing the lenses for every shot and another? and no you can’t organize by saying I’ll shoot all wide angle then close-ups, it just don’t work, your creativity comes instantly, you can’t tell to wait till later!


so all respect for the men/women photographers out there with 2 cameras, hope I join you some day 😉 

7 Comments on “why carry 2 cameras?”

  1. m6fan says:

    You said something interesting that I don’t think most people realize.
    Oftentimes in street photography, I’ll carry two, sometimes three cameras with me.
    The reason is exactly what you said. I generally use primes, a 28mm, an 85mm, and a 180 or 200mm.
    I’ve noticed people looking at me and quite frankly wasn’t sure why. Believe me, it’s not to look cool. If I could do it with one camera, I would. A lot less hassle. Some people can say, well you know, you can do it all with a super zoom, like an 28-200mm. Not so, they don’t give the quality and speed I need. My 85mm is an f/1.4 and always 2.8 or less. You just need the speed.
    I just assumed people would realize changing lenses is a waste of time and when a decisive moment happens, you don’t have time screwing around with equipment.
    Also another reason is that everytime you change a lens on the go, you risk dropping or damaging equipment, not to mention on digital cameras, the more you change out lenses, more dust on your sensors.
    I like your site.

    J Alan

  2. feras says:

    J Alan, Thanks for taking the time to read, and it’d so great to here your opinion, and yes your last point about the dust is very critical in our part of the word too. Great site you have and welcome here 🙂 by the way I was there at the PR Parade, but did not have my camera with me that day.

  3. kuw_son says:

    I saw a friend once in a celebration and there are singers on the stage .. he was shooting pictures using two cameras .. I was wandering why !!

    he said .. they are keeping moving and u don’t know when the good moments come .. and u should be ready for it 😉

    he was using Canon 70-200 on 400D + 18-55mm on 300D

    walla it was a good idea .. but I will not think about it :S

  4. engineeroo says:

    nice topic… you are 100% correct…
    it is nice to have two cameras especially in the time of weather we have, but do you think it is worth it to have two cameras? what I mean is as for us we just take photography as a hobby I am not sure if we need to have two ( I would love to).
    what do you think??

  5. feras says:

    kuw son, that is an interested one, but I’m like you, I don’t have the patient for it 😉

    engineroo, for us? hmm I don’t know really, people could get so addicted to photography, they might do it, but if some one is going pro, I think it is a must.

  6. Usually Blue says:

    I’ve always disliked changing lenses and am always afraid I’ll drop something. However, I wouldn’t likely get a second camera unless I had to for a paid shoot. It’s then that I’d worry about equipment failure and want a back-up camera, especially if it was a significant event in someone’s life.

    By the way, I really like the clean, modern feel of the above image.

  7. feras says:

    UB, that depends on how much you like photography, some people might just do it because they get better results like that, some others as you said, they won’t do it till the get financial benefit out of it.

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