How much, is too much?


Blurred background, makes portraits, looks very beautiful  and stylish, but how much bluer is too much? again this is one of those personal taste questions, it depends how do you like it, for me, I don’t like to completely blur the background, I like to give a sense of the place I took the photo in, but there are some times when there are tourist for example that won’t fit in the picture, say a blond women in india! see, it just don’t work, here you can blur the background completely.


The example above is from our sister member of KSC, Usually Blue, one of the best outdoor portraits photographers I’ve meet, and here is a link to here stream. 

6 Comments on “How much, is too much?”

  1. moayad says:

    It’s not just how much what matters, also what kind?

    There are many shapes and kinds of background blur (also called Bokeh). Almost every lens renders different kind of Bokeh depending on its design and the shape of its shutter blades.

    Here is a nice article talking about Shallow Depth Of Field and how to use it:

  2. tableau says:

    loved this one!

  3. Usually Blue says:

    First of all, I’m honored to see my picture and your generous comment. 🙂

    I shot wide open on this one because I really wanted that green part of the play house to stand out AND because other children kept running through the background. I adore my 50mm for getting in close and capturing eyes so beautifully BUT I’m not crazy about the degree the background will blur or the bokeh (I define bokeh as a blurred background WITH spheres of light) UNLESS the background is way back from your subject. I’ll use a long zoom sometimes if I can’t move the subject.

    Nice article, Moayad. I’d love to try out the 85mm for people and the 105 for macro!

  4. kuw_son says:

    for me, I’d like to have as much blur as I can .. I love doing such thing in portraits .. I measure the strength of my portrait pictures using this bokeh scale 😉

    without neglecting other points of success of course but this one “strong blur” is the essential item here ..

    btw .. this picture is so great .. I like it 🙂

  5. feras says:

    moayad, thanks for adding 🙂

    tableau, Thanks 🙂

    UB, You are most welcome, and thanks for sharing.

    Kuw son, and you are good at it my friend, keep bringing the good stuff 😉

  6. engineeroo says:

    nice subject…
    when I practice portrait with my Nikkor 18-200 mm I try usually blur background or I may say prefer to blur background (50 to 60) % … but sometimes you really want your subject or object or person to be isolated and looks like a 3D coming out of the picture (in the engineering expression ” +z) direction.. 🙂 )

    I would love to try 50mm and 105mm and se the result…

    nice article Moayad….

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