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I’ll make it short for you guys who don’t like to read, who is a proffetiona photographer and who is not? do you know?  Most of us think that a “Pro” is some one who is very good in photography, were you who took photography as a hobby could be better than a Pro and not called as one, why? because the difference between you and him is that you don’t earn you living from photography were in the other hand he does, so, we conclude that a Pro is a person who do photography for living and who don’t is called an Amateur. 

6 Comments on “Pro Photography”

  1. engineeroo says:

    true… it is nice to be half Pro… my definition for that is you take photography as a hobby and try to make some money out of it to pay back the equipments and lenses you buy… 🙂

  2. kuw_son says:

    first time I know that !!
    7atta ele fe na’6arna enhom Pro .. but they are not making money from photography .. a3teberhom amature !!

    I think this concept needs to ve reviewed !!

  3. Hitman1 says:

    An amateur can rarely reach a professional level in anything, not only photography. Where as I’m not saying it is impossible, but if an amateur reached the level of a pro, then he has no business staying an amateur.

    Having said that, my idea of a professional photographer has always been and will always be: Engineeroo 🙂

  4. feras says:

    engineeroo, it is indeed 🙂

    kuw son, I know it kind of changed your thought about what does “Pro” means, but go and see for your self, search a dictionary for the word “Professional” and see the result.

    Hitman1, maybe you are right, but photography is just another profession, there is the good, the bad and the ugly, and if a great photography Amateurs have a better job or get paid very well, he might not let go of his profession to get another.

  5. Usually Blue says:

    Good point to discuss. I didn’t even want a pro account on flickr because it puts ‘Pro” next to your name and people then assume you’re a professional.

    For alot of people here, I’d imagine they’d have a professional skill level but since there doesn’t seem to be enough money to be made to allow them to quit their day jobs, they’re content with a semi-professional status. That’s exactly what Engineeroo described, someone who makes their main salary from a source outside of photography yet makes some money from winning contests or doing commissioned work.

    I’ve seen “professionals” that had NO business calling themselves pros but they were in the right place at the right time and they found people willing to pay them money to take really bad pictures. I’ve also seen amateurs that had the skills and passion to make it big yet lacked the confidence to step forward and say, “I’m a pro, give me your money.” 🙂

    So, where do we all stand? Amateur, semi-professional or professional? 🙂

  6. feras says:

    UB, You know I have a “pro” account, it is good if you want to upload you shots full size, but if you don’t then it will be a waste of money.

    and you right about the pro’s you have seen, I think they are more like actors than photographers 🙂

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