الإتجاهWhen we started photography, we tried every kind of it, Portrait, Landscapes, Macro… every thing, jumping from one station to another, at that time we were experementing, not to get good with photography, but we were curious, what kind of photography there were, and we wanted to try them all, after some time, we felt closer to one of these kinds, why? every one have his thoughts about that matter, but what is important is that you start mastering it after discovering what you liked, from reading magaziens to going out photographing, you learn and learn and then learn some more, then you will be one of the greatest photographers, but the problem lies when some one don’t chose a direction and continue spinning around that circle of stations, not knowing which direction to take or think that he/she know about every thing, and I honestly don’t know which one is worst, because in both situations he will be lost.

Make sure you chose one direction, and go with it all the way.

5 Comments on “Directions”

  1. engineeroo says:

    you are right. after you try all types or almost all types of photography, you have to choose you professional career if I may call it.
    don’t you agree with me Feras that the place you live in will limit your choices?

  2. kuw_son says:

    I agree .. choosing a certain direction is important. I believe That specializing in one of photography field is a must. Going here and there, unknow direction is a waste of time, I think it is so difficult to master all photography fields !!

    so I prefer to take a specific direction .. talking about my self, I didn’t decide yet 😛

  3. Usually Blue says:

    What a great shot for your post, Feras. I agree with your examples and your good advice.

    I think we certainly tend to migrate towards one sub specialty due to passion or inherent talent and I agree that we need to give that area as much effort as possible. But, photography is a creative outlet (often the only 1 a photographer has) and it’s also natural to want to use this outlet to reflect our interests and to record things that effect us or are important to us.

    Engineeroo brought up a point, sometimes our environment is limiting or we’re limited by the equipment we have. For example, I would LOVE to try my hand at macro (anyone have a Nikkor 105 VR they’re bored with?hehe) but don’t have a lens to give it a fair shot. I don’t expect it to make me lose interest in portraiture, though.

    Also, I think we need to consider exactly what we’re interested in. Someone looking at my work would say little kids’ faces, lol. It’s not really that, though. When I’m asked to put it in one word, I have to say it’s CHARACTER that I’m interested in and, for me, that also covers buildings and boats and some structures, particularly things made from old wood.

    So, yes, chose your direction and forge ahead with it but don’t be afraid to go off the path to express yourself once in a while 🙂

  4. feras says:

    Engineeroo, I agree about the limitation to the place you live in, for eg. you don’t have forest in Kuwait but you have a lot more than that, and don’t keep your self restricted to that thought be creative and make you own art.

    kuw son, I like your portraits bo dalool.

    UB, Thanks, to make people think seriously about your portraits, try not to just upload it, give them a few words about it (in flickr I mean) some thing like how you took it what you used in it’s process, and what it represent, so that they don’t be left with the “lol” assumption.

  5. Usually Blue says:

    Feras, I thought I was always pretty open about my process but I’ll watch to make sure I’m including technical info. You’ll have to explain to me what you meant by the lol assumption, though?

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