Mac for Photographers

Remember my old post, the one when I told you I was waiting for a new MacBook Pro, well, it’s here, and I’m writing this editorial from, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to work on such a great peace of machine, yes, with all this power, it is a machine, any way, there is a question that a lot of people ask me, why does most photographers own a Mac? and my answer is like this: well, if you mean photoshop and all other photo editing software, then both Mac & PC’s are completely identical, nothing more nothing less, but, I think it is because of the following: Mac, runs on a very reliable OS (operating system) the interface is incredibly beautiful, it is designed very smartly, on a mac, you don’t feel the clutter that normally comes with a computer, it is very simple yet sophisticated, having said all that, Mac is made for creative people which photographers are, and that’s why they tend to own a Mac.

7 Comments on “Mac for Photographers”

  1. moayad says:

    Thousands mabrooks to you 😀

  2. عائشة says:


    ماشاءالله عليك تشجع الواحد ينتقل للماك

    من فتره وأنا أقرا عن الماك بوك برو ومحتاره أنتقل وإلا لا
    بس متأكد إنك ماتاخذ كوميشن من ماك
    اله يعطيك خيره ويكفيك شره
    وعقبال ماأتحول للماك وأصبح من المبدعين
    وإلا العكس المبدعين هم الي يقتنون الماك ؟؟؟؟

  3. kuw_son says:

    haaaa aqoool mabroook 🙂 ?

    mashallaaa .. etkasrah bel3afya 😛

    walla i’m thinking of buying one 🙂

  4. engineeroo says:

    mabroooooooooooook … well, I guess now i have Pc for Sale… any one interested??? lol 🙂

  5. feras says:

    Moayad, kuw_son, engineroo, Thanks guys 🙂
    عائشه، الله يبارك فيك، و إن شاء تاخذين ماك ونتي إختي مبدعه بدون الماك 🙂

  6. Sami says:

    First it is good from you writing about this. I believe that a major part of creativity depends on what kind of experience we are exposed to. The more good, creative, well designed, well structured, uniquely designed experience we had the more creative we become.. most of the time unconsciously.

    Mac environment (as I call it) is a whole creative experience.. the lines, the touch, the gray color, the simplicity, the smart features of Mac OSX , the interface, the desktop backgrounds, the easy of use and understand, the new apple website.. the mighty mouse.. definitely it will change your taste and change the way you see the world.. and that is the secret of the Mac users photographers.

  7. feras says:

    Sami, it is indeed, and welcome here.

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